Moth Dust

Woven starlight, sparkling wings, a spider's dark revenge...

Release date: November 21 2023
329 pages
Reading age: 8-12 years
Paperback $16.58 

Why do moths search of starlight? What would happen if a little girl knit herself a cocoon with magic silk? 

When Flora is forced to work in a textile mill, she begins to unravel the secrets of Silkwood... a forest brimming with hidden magic. Could an unusual type of fairy be responsible for the mysterious things she discovers? With her new friends, who remind her of the moths she so dearly loves back home, she seeks a light that was stolen long ago.

With over eighty hand drawn illustrations by the award winning artist of Flora Forager, Moth Dust is sure to delight all ages.


The Fairy Journals

A magical tale of adventure and romance inspired by fashions from nature.

8.5 by 5.5
Hardcover $35.45, Paperback $26.89
161 pages
Release Date January 3, 2022
ISBN: Paperback: 9798772903155 Hardcover: 9798772733653

A tiny bouquet, a dress made of petals, a bejeweled dagger the size of a needle...

These are a few of the glittering items the fairies have left in Bridget Beth Collins' garden. Follow in the footsteps of an intrepid little fairy as she chronicles all of her whimsical, daring adventures. You'll catch the wind with maple leaf sails, learn the power of mushrooms and the moon, fight and dance at fantastical fairy fêtes, and most thrilling of all...fall in love.

Every journal entry is coupled with a creation from the fairy's miniature world. With fairy houses, clothing, parties, food, instruments, and locales...The Fairy Journals builds a vibrant, colorful world.

Originally serialized on the Flora Forager instagram, The Fairy Journals became a fan favorite for young and old alike; a perfect adventure for all those with magic in their hearts.

The Fairy Journals is independently published and currently only available on Amazon.


Flora Forager ABC

8-1/4 x 8-1/4; $14.99
32 pages
Release date: March 12, 2019
ISBN: 9781632172099
Formats: Hardcover

Flora Forager makes her children's book debut with this imaginative alphabet book featuring real and imaginary animals created with natural materials gathered from her botanical foraging in wild places in the Pacific Northwest and her garden Children will be fascinated by her amazing botanical creations, from angel fish to zebra, and inspired to learn their ABCs.

Flora Forager is available wherever books are sold! Including these fine retailers:

Barnes & Noble
The Book Depository
Third Place Books
Elliott Bay Book Company

The Art of Flora Forager