Flora Forager is Bridget Beth Collins: nature lover, painter, writer, and botanical artist.


Hello! My name is Bridget Beth Collins.

I live in a little corner of Seattle called Ravenna with my coder husband and three wild boys. We live in an urban cottage we call The Burrow because it looks and feels like a hobbit hole.

I love to adventure into the wildflower woodlands, mossy waterfalls, and grey sand starry expanses of the Pacific Northwest. I forage flowers from my creations from foliage and flowers plucked from our sidewalks, meadows, and woods in our neighborhood. I also have plenty of "paints" from my small garden in the city, and my mother's big rambling secret garden filled with old english roses in the sea town of Edmonds where I grew up.

I graduated with honors from Seattle Pacific University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theater. I grew up in the wings so to speak, and am a product of all its dark, magical, sparkly world. Though the only stage I current now is the constant one I live in. I spend my days painting, writing, and sharing whatever creative whim strikes my fancy. (There's a great deal of mundane thrown in, but that's a bore to add to a bio).

Flora Forager is a product of my love affair with glittering nature and my own artistic skills honed over the years. Creation and Creator combined. Thank you for stopping by, and please enjoy my gift to you: rose colored glasses to see nature for what it truly is...Beauty.

Image: Georgianna Lane