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I loved this article on A Little Gentian so much I had to repost it here! The original article was written by freelance journalist, writer, and photographer Penny Harrison. I love her enthusiasm for wild-at-heart gardeners. Heaven knows my garden is filled with weeds right now!  But it is still, as she says, "wild and wondrous."

Seattle Artist Bridget Beth Collins

While most people trudge off to the office each day, Bridget ventures into the garden. This is where she spends her days, foraging for flowers, seed pods, berries, stems and leaves that she can reincarnate as artworks. Bridget's delicate and awe-inspiring artworks are composed from deconstructed blooms sourced from her garden, rambles through her neighbourhood and her mother's sprawling "secret garden". But, for Bridget, the garden is more than just her work and she describes her little patch in Seattle as "her everything". She and her husband stumbled upon the magical courtyard hideaway, complete with lilacs and dogwoods, in the middle of the busy city. Bridget has since discovered slate stones and stone garden beds beneath the weeds. She has created a "fleur de lawn", replacing the grass with low-growing wildflowers, and planted window boxes, ensuring pretty blooms are on hand for her breathtaking work throughout the year.

Bridget and son Oliver forage for treasures. Photography: Jamie Spiro

What is the story of your garden?
My husband had always wanted to live in the city, so a couple of years ago we set out looking for a house. My one requirement was that I could still have a secluded garden. In an area where many houses use the strip of land in front of their house for their garden because houses are so jampacked together, it seemed nearly impossible to fulfill this dream. (As an aside I also said I had to have a rounded door like a hobbit hole, but that was a joke.) We searched and searched, but we could not find the right house. One morning, feeling bedraggled, my husband showed me a picture of a cute little house with red rounded door. We got in the car and rushed to see it. The very first thing I did was wander around to the back yard. There, I found a small overgrown courtyard with a perfect grove of lilacs and dogwoods. I sat down and, though the busy city was all around, I could hear bird song and felt at peace. Before I stepped foot into the house, I knew this secret garden was my very own.
The pretty facade and front garden of Bridget's home. Photography: Bridget Collins

What changes have you made to it?
The first thing I did was pull back all of the overgrown ivy and periwinkle vines. I couldn't believe it! There were sandstone raised beds and slate stones underneath. The bones were exactly what I wanted. I had a shed made with the old round door from the house, and I put in a winding path. I planted my favorite roses from our last house, a few perennials, and a tiny herb patch.

Any big challenges?
I had to hire someone to come and shape the trees for me. I had to cut some way back and that was heartbreaking. It's taken a couple of years for some of the lilacs to bloom again.The glorious back yard that Bridget has restored. Photography: Bridget Collins

A sweet herb patch gets an artistic makeover. Photography: Bridget Collins

Bridget replaced the lawn with wildflowers. Photography: Bridget Collins

Your favourite feature?
I have a little stone dragon. It's as kitschy and silly as can be but I adore it.

How do you like to spend time in your garden?
During the summer it's another room to the house. I drink my coffee in it, have people over for dinner alfresco, and picnic and play in it.

The stone dragon that won Bridget's heart. Photography: Bridget Collins

A window box brimming with blooms. Photography: Bridget Collins

How does your garden inspire you?
It is my everything. I have a business called Flora Forager where I use its flowers to create art. It is my sanctuary when I need a moment to myself. And when everything in life feels cluttered, there's nothing like pulling weeds and organizing my plants to make me feel more aligned.

What are your must-haves for a garden?

I must have roses, always and always. I love hostas. Thyme is my favorite herb. And I love everything to be really rambling and full.

A climbing clematis in bloom. Photography: Bridget Collins

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