Flora Foraging with Stella McCartney Kids!

Posted by Bridget Collins on

My three wild boys and my dear friend Sarah's sweet little girls went on a foraging adventure for Stella Kids! See our pictures and shop the new spring line at Stella McCartney.

They dressed up in the most darling designed clothes inspired by the English countryside, and then went on a jaunt to the arboretum and the conservatory. They had the sillies for sure!

I can't tell you how delighted I was when Stella Kids asked me to collaborate. I adore them! I made some pieces inspired by their new spring line, choosing to work within a fantasy theme.

Hazel wore a unicorn dress, so of course I made a unicorn.

Harry wore the little froggy cape so I made a frog prince. 

I made a dragon simply because my son Finn asked me to make one for him, and children have the best ideas! And I felt it coincided well with Stella's whimsy. 

A red castle for the castles in the English countryside.

A crown for Stella's perfume.  It has peony, amber, and rose.  And the bottle is purple!  How could I resist making a piece inspired by that?!

Afterward we came home to make a rainbow out of some flowers I had "foraged" from the market. We had so much fun!

Thank you Stella, for inspiring such a fun, flowery afternoon! xx

P.S. Harry and Fiona were born the same day, (one in Scotland and one in Seattle). We call them "the twins". 

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